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CONTADORES & ABOGADOS S.A.C. It's a Peruvian firm that with the experience and security in each of its activities gives its clients the confidence they require; our personalized and timely service makes our services different and, above all, reliable, from the moment we assume a commitment we assume the responsibility of each of our efforts without harming the client, providing an optimal service where our personalization, as well as Professional Accounting Outsourcing , Financial and Administrative, directed by Qualified and Experienced Professional Personnel. We guarantee our customers:


We deliver Fast and Optimal Solutions.


We have a Team of Qualified Professionals.


We Commit to You and Your Business

Our work team.

The objective of our Professionals is to offer each of our clients a complete and integral service based on the deep knowledge of their business and the sector in which they move. Our study bases all its work on the rigor and confidence in the provision of its services and thus be able to offer our clients the best and most complete advice.

The Professional Services that our Firm has been providing, are the result of the requirements of an emerging market, increasingly competitive and where the work of specialization, backed by adequate training and professional experience, guarantees continuity and success in management of our Clients' businesses.


Management Message.

Our first lines are to welcome you and at the same time thank you for your visit to our website, where we hope you find the information of your interest and in the end you have the satisfaction of having invested your time with a benefit generated for you and your represented.

We are a Firm that seeks excellence in everyday activities and we focus on making the results obtained on a day-to-day basis, the best incentive for our Clients, who, with our professional support, will be able to devote more time to their own activities. businesses and their growth, trusting that we, as strategic business allies and specialized firm, will take care of the tasks that complement the efforts aimed at obtaining the best results of their management.

Our interest is to offer our clients professional and timely solutions that your Company requires as well as to have the conviction that our work contributes to its consolidation in the Market.

We will be waiting for any questions or suggestions, to give you the best of us, you are WELCOME.

Ingrid Alvarez Rios
General Manager


Leader in Accounting, Tax and Audit Services.

We deliver a comprehensive range of Services, which support your Business Management.


Our services will be specified in the preparation of a planning and implementation of its internal controls, necessary in any company to protect its assets and control its liabilities, as well as the preparation of a practical organizational manual of functions, which is of utmost importance in the organization The company proposes objectives to increase productivity and therefore its profits. The main objectives of our work are:


  • Develop a practical manual of functions and responsibility of the company.
  • Reengineering of structures and administrative processes.
  • Implement sales policies, collections and granting of credits.
  • Improve the use of materials, equipment and space.
  • Implementation of an efficient and timely internal control system.
  • Evaluation and development of information circuits.



Our experience in the accounting area allows us to provide a quality service that allows them to obtain accounting - financial information in a timely manner, which will serve as a tool for management in decision making. Accountants & Lawyers can provide these services in an integral or partial way, in our offices or in their facilities, with our staff, that of your company or with the integration of both, always guaranteeing you the best results. We provide the following services:


  • Accounting implementation.
  • Update your accounting using your own software if required.
  • Supervision of the accounting department.
  • Analysis of costs and expenses.
  • Management accounting for decision making. Management Analysis
  • Tax settlement for the Central and Local Government.
  • Preparation and / or review of affidavits.
  • Attention to inspections by tax control agencies.
  • Response and attention of fiscal requirements.
  • Outsourcing: General accounting and data processing.
  • External audit. .
  • Special reports and accounting certifications.


Various Procedures Advice

  • Advice to process Immigration Card
  • Constitution of companies.
  • Stock transfer.
  • Liquidation and dissolution of companies.
  • Preparation of Minutes, Powers and others.
  • Registration before the National Registry of Suppliers
  • Trademark Registration - INDECOPI
  • Certification of Titles
  • Staff pick.
  • Job Evaluation.
  • Staff development and training.
  • Salary structure analysis


Financial Accounting Audit

The modern approach to the audit process is to allow us to develop a plan that includes analysis and evaluation of the procedures, identifying the risks through the execution and / or performance of the audit in order to present alternatives and direct solutions; The reasonableness of your financial statements will be guaranteed through our services. Reports to submit:


  • Opinion on the financial statements and complementary information required by government regulations.
  • Recommendations to improve internal control, accounting and comments on the financial statements.


Business Management Audit

The management audit is the integral examination of the business management of an organization, with the purpose of measuring and informing about the economic and efficient use of its resources and the achievement of its operational objectives. Reports will be issued with observations of the deficiencies or weaknesses determined during the examination, taking into account the existing conditions and circumstances. These observations will have the following attributes:


  • Identify the condition, criteria, cause and effect.
  • Make the recommendations of the case.


Tax Audit

The Fiscal Tax Audit is a general and critical examination conducted on the basis of procedures and techniques on operations, financial statements and other supporting documents of a commercial nature, to determine if the company has correctly complied with its substantial and formal tax obligations, based on the verification of the tax base thereof. The report obtained will have the following utility:


  • Form an opinion about the tax situation of the company, the determination of its tax base and the tax debt according to the laws in force in time and space.
  • Make a judgment about the real situation of your accounting books, records, documents and operations, affidavits and compliance with formal obligations given by specific laws.
  • Obtain a critical evaluation of the past which allows the deficiencies to be corrected, and useful advice for the future through suggestions.


Business advice

We provide adequate advice on the constitution of various forms of business organization according to your needs: Corporations, Closed Corporations, Commercial Companies, Civil Societies and any other corporate form contemplated by the general law of Societies. In addition to other forms of legal persons: Cooperatives, Associations, Individual Limited Liability Company and sole proprietorships.

Employment advice

  • Drafting of general employment contracts and subject to modality.
  • Payment of salaries and wages.
  • Liquidation of CTS and / or Social Benefits.
  • Advice on human resources management.
  • Payment settlement to the social security scheme.
  • Generation of reports for presentations to different organizations.


Tax Advice

We jointly develop our knowledge and experiences, You in your Company and we in tax legal matters to achieve the ideal objectives of any business organization. With a correct strategy and knowledge of our current tax legislation we will develop an appropriate tax planning for your company, avoiding contingencies and providing them with the indicated alternative so that their decisions are correct and timely.


  • Consultation acquittal
  • Tax refund procedure.
  • Sponsorship of Challenges in administrative proceedings
  • (claims, appeals and complaints) and contentious - administrative (judicial proceedings).
  • Advice on special regimes.
  • Welcoming tax benefits.




Electronic Businesses

The new technologies are transforming. The way of doing business around the world, where new markets are being integrated through the Internet. And the new Digital technologies. It is for this reason that any company in the near future cannot be oblivious to these new concepts that will allow it to optimize its resources, reduce its costs and increase its sales and services to its Clients, key success factors in the new world business that today we see in progress.


  • Development of strategic business plan.
  • Web Site project development that gives added value to the company.
  • Development of strategies aimed at consolidating business positioning and generation via the Internet.


Human Resources

Professional specialists in this area, have great experience that will provide a first quality service in: Personnel Selection, Job Evaluation, Development and Training of Personnel and Analysis of Salary Structure.

Systems Consulting

Our capacity and experience allows us to provide you with first level systems consulting. Expanding for the user a range of specialized technical knowledge that generate new and modern solution alternatives.

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